Top Row: Firefighter Conan Berry, Jacob Heller, Justin Schulte.
Fire Chief Russ Hamilton
Bottom Row: Firefighter Billy Williams, Jared Kessels

and Dustin TenEyck 
Firefighters,Thank you for 5 Years of Service


Captain Matt Tobben 10 years of service with Chief Hamilton

Thank you Captain Tobben 
Gerard Straatmann and Kenny Lause 40 years of service with Chief Hamilton

Thank you firefighter Straatmann & Lause

Captain Greg Miller 20 Years of service with Chief Hamilton

             Thank you Captain Miller 

Firefighter Ray Bay 35 Years of service
Thank you Ray

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  Firefighter Sherwood Kloppenburger

               60 Years of Service
Thank you sir, for all your years of service to our community

Firefighter Mike Borgmann

    Firefighter of the Year


Code Red Weather Warning

The CODE RED system provides Union Fire officials these ability to quickly deliver weather alerts and messages to our citizens of the fire district.

If you would like to be included in the Code Red Data Base log on to link below: Code Red Sign Up