Our new training tower, located behind Station 1


Congratulations to

Firefighter Jared Kessels,

he was a jr firefighter here, then a volunteer firefighter here,
and now, a full time firefighter with us.


Spring Severe Weather

Missourians should practice taking shelter. The safest shelter location is an interior room without windows in the lowest level of a building. Other safe locations for businesses and schools include hallways, underneath staircases and designated tornado safe rooms.

Missouri’s State Emergency Management Agency has launched new videos demonstrating tornado sheltering in schools, houses and mobile homes in preparation for severe weather season. The brief videos show how to prepare for and take cover in a variety of scenarios.

The videos can be viewed at: www.Mo.Gov. Severe Weather Tips

Tornado watch means watch the sky. A tornado may form during a thunderstorm. Tornado warning means seek shelter immediately. An interior room without windows on the lowest floor is the safest shelter location.

Do not seek shelter in a cafeteria, gymnasium or other large open room because of the

potential, for a roof collapse.

Immediately leave a mobile home to seek shelter in a nearby building.

Overpasses are not safe. An overpass’ under-the-girder-type construction can cause a

dangerous, wind tunnel effect.

If you are driving, you should stop and take shelter in a nearby building. If you are driving in a rural area and no shelter is available, seek shelter in a roadside ditch. Protect yourself from flying debris by covering your head with your arms, a coat or a blanket. Be prepared to move quickly in case the ditch fills with water

Never drive into standing water. It can take less than six inches of fast moving water to make a slow moving car float. Once floating, a vehicle can overturn and sink.




              The Union Community recently went through a review to update its public protection classification.  The review is performed by the Insurance Standard Organization (ISO) which looks at the Community’s ability to suppress fire.  Fire suppression ability is categorized as emergency communications provided by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, fire department provided by the Union Fire Protection District, and water supply provided by the City Of Union. 

              Since 2004 the Union Community has been assigned a class 5 rating.   After the recent review the rating has improved to a class 4.  The class 4 rating may translate into lower insurance premiums for property owners as insurance companies realize the lower the class number the better prepared the community is in suppressing fires.  “Even though lower insurance premiums are a great benefit of an improved rating; I am more pleased with the improvements the three organizations have made to provide our community enhanced protection,” says Fire Chief Russell Hamilton.        

              With the improvement to staffing and equipment the Fire District was able to increase its score by 4.16 points and The City of Union Water Department was able to improve its score by 6.54 points.  The Franklin County Sheriffs Dispatching remained close to the same as in 2004.  The points are applied to a fire suppression rating schedule which evaluates detailed performance and then totals those points to produce a class rating.    

              Properties within the City limits will be assigned the new class 4 rating effective January 1, 2014.  Properties outside the city limits but within 5 wheel miles of a fire station and 1000 feet of fire hydrants will also be considered a class 4.  Other properties will retain the class 5 rating.  Property owners are encouraged to contact their insurance provider to make sure the improved rating is being applied to their property. 

Thank You
Russell Hamilton
Fire Chief, Union Fire District
Union, MO 63084

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Code Red Weather Warning

The CODE RED system provides Union Fire officials these ability to quickly deliver weather alerts and messages to our citizens of the fire district.

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