Proposition Fire

Meet and Greets:

October 4, 2018

7:00 p.m.
Meeting at the Government Building
Open to the Public / Prop Fire

October 6, 2018
9:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.
Open House at Union Fire Station 3
Open to the Public


October 7th - 13th
Firefighters teaching fire safety at Union School's

October 15, 2018
7:00 p.m. at ECC
Culinary Building Room's A & B
Open to the Public / Prop Fire

October 31, 2018
4:00 p.m.
Halloween Bash at Union Fire Station 3
Open to the Public

Union Proposition Fire


Has approximately 20,000 residents
Has approximately 7,600 residential homes
Has approximately 1,000 commercial properties
Has approximately 11,750 property parcels
Has approximately 3,000 people attending East Central College
About 38,000 vehicles travel through Hwy 47 & 50 daily, the busiest intersection in Franklin County
About 40,500 vehicles travel I-44 at the Union Exit
For reference about 38,900 vehicles travel Manchester Rd W of 141 daily
Fire District
Covers 96 square miles of Franklin County
3 fire stations
Average age of fire stations are 28 years
Apparatus (pumpers, tankers, brush trucks, ladders, & support vehicles)
Average age of apparatus is over 16 years
Part Time Fire Chief
About 10-15 Volunteer Firefighters
Full Time Fire Inspector
Full Time Administrative Assistant
15 Full Time Firefighters
Overall Community Growth
City of Union has seen 10% growth since 2010.
Union is the fastest growing city in Franklin County
Union is the 20th fastest growing city in Missouri
Eastern Side of Community Growth
New Elementary School with 575-600 students and staff
New nursing home housing 60 residents
Over 250 new residential homes
Numerous commercial and industrial property developments
Veterans Memorial Park
Over 150 Senior living units
Emergency Incident Info
Responded to 173 calls in 1976.
Responded to 956 calls in 2010.
Responded to 1,589 calls in 2017.
Since 2012, call volume has increased by roughly 10% each year.
1 in 10 calls overlap and happen at the same time, leaving a slow or no response to the second alarm
25% of calls are on the Eastern side of the District
Union firefighters spend an average of 5 days a year out of district assisting neighboring agencies, leaving a slow or no response to additional alarms
Volunteer Participation Info
On average, volunteer Firefighters responded to 4.2% of total calls in 2012
On average, volunteer Firefighters responded to 1.2% of total calls in 2017
On average, volunteer Firefighters responded to 1% of calls in 2018
Tax History
District established in 1971 with tax rate of fifteen cents ($.15)
Tax rate increased in 1976 to thirty cents ($.30)
Current tax rate is twelve cents ($.12) with ½ cent sales tax
Current rate is the lowest tax rate in Franklin County.
Sales tax is set at ½ of 1% in 2010
Sales tax collected on all retail purchases within the fire district.
Sales tax is not collected on food, medicine, motor fuel, or agriculture.
Sales Tax income averages an increase of 3% per year
Proposition Fire Proposal
Tax levy adjusted from thirty cents ($.30) to sixty-one cents ($.61)
Rate of sixty-one cents ($.61) rolled back to forty-three cents ($.43)
With a $100,000 home, Proposition Fire would cost an additional $4.91 a month
Would be in the mid-range when compared to other fire property taxes in Franklin County
Benefit to citizens
Staffing or Station 3 with three career Firefighters
Maintain staffing of Station 1 with four career Firefighters
Reduce the response time to your emergency
Provide an immediate response to multiple emergencies
Improve coverage during out of district responses
Provide immediate attention to your walk in to Station 3
Improve the current community ISO rating
Provide a safer and more efficient emergency scene

Union Proposition Fire


Passage of this proposal will allow the UFPD to hire career firefighters to staff an additional station full time. The result will be faster response times to emergencies to the Eastern side of the district; without a negative effect on response times to the Western and Central areas of the district. With the staffing of an additional station, response times will decrease by an average of 5 minutes.

A reliable funding source will allow for sustainment of high levels of service and allow for continued improvement to equipment, apparatus and buildings. It is the goal of the UFPD to provide the best service possible to its citizens; by eliminating down time for repairs and replacing aging, unreliable equipment firefighters will be able to operate safer and more efficiently, providing the best service for each citizen.

In 2010 the Fire District asked voters to approve a 1/2 cent sales tax on retail sales within the District. The sales tax is collected in addition to the property tax. Over the last 8 years, the number of retail stores in Union has fallen by 10%, while Union has experienced the fastest population growth in Franklin County over the last decade. The population boom has increased the demand for service from the Fire District. The decrease in retail has put a strain on the budget, forcing the Fire District to look into sustainment of additional revenue for the future.

Since the first full year of collection in 2011; the Fire District has accomplished many goals that were promised when the Sales Tax proposition was introduced. The Fire District increased staffing to provide 24/7/365 staffing of Station 1. The Fire District’s ISO rating was reduced, resulting in lower insurance rates for citizens. The Fire District purchased a 4-story fire training tower that is utilized not only by the Fire District, but by many other Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement agencies in the county. The Fire District purchased upgraded personal protective equipment to outfit firefighters.

The current property tax "ceiling" for the Fire District is thirty cents ($.30). With the collection of the sales tax beginning in 2010, the tax leveed against property was reduced by 1/2 of the amount of sales tax collected. In 2017 for example, the property tax rate was twelve cents ($.12); which is a lower rate than when the district was established in 1971. With the passage of Proposition FIRE, the Fire District's property tax "ceiling" will be set at sixty-one cents ($.61), a rate which will be rolled back to forty-three cents ($.43) based off current sales tax collection. The ability of the rollback to stay in effect was a key factor in the decision of the Fire District to pursue Proposition FIRE.

- Full Time Staffing of Station 3
- Building and Capital Improvements
- Update Equipment and Apparatus
With the successful passage of Proposition FIRE, the Fire District has outlined a multi-phase plan to improve services for its citizens. This plan will focus on increasing staffing levels to enable the staffing of an additional station. Focus will also be placed on equipment and apparatus improvement to continue to evolve services to meet the needs of the communities served by the Fire District. Throughout the plan, concentration will be placed on building and capital improvements; with a focus on long term planning to ensure the Fire District has infrastructure that will continue to meet the needs of the citizens.

The Fire District places a high priority on financial responsibility to its citizens. Emergency services are not immune to the natural inflation to the costs of goods and services, and with the call volume nearly doubling since 2008, expenses have also increased yearly. The Fire District is continually taking steps to reduce expenses without any loss of service to the citizens. For example, the Fire District reduces expenses by outfitting apparatus to operate in multiple roles, which lowers the number of total apparatus to maintain. The Fire District is also able to rely on the knowledge, experience, and skills of the firefighters to handle a variety of projects and tasks without the need to hire contractors or pay outside labor.

The decision to ask the citizens for approval of Proposition FIRE was based off ongoing evaluations of the operational needs and financial status of the Fire District. Planning for the future is always a priority for any public service agency; and the Fire District has reached a crucial point of growth in the community. The thirty-one cent ($.31) increase was identified as a number that would not overstrain the average budget; yet is an amount that will contribute to the needed growth and will be a great benefit to the citizens. Based on research and trends in expenditures, the thirty-one cent ($.31) increase was identified as the minimum amount that would adequately meet the needs of the Fire District and the citizens. The Fire District is confident that if approved by voters, Proposition FIRE will allow for the necessary improvements to sustain the high-quality service the citizens have come to expect. Proposition FIRE will continue to provide the benefit of the sales tax rollback, allowing any new retail to provide a direct benefit to the citizens.

Union Proposition Fire
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