Union Proposition Fire

Fire Chief Russ Hamilton and Assistant Chief Matt Tobben presented Jerry Avery owner of ServPro with an award for their service’s to UFPD and our community. Ufpd firefighters invited Jerry to lunch to show our appreciation

Union Proposition Fire

The Union, Boles, and Pacific Fire Districts met Tuesday evening to practice rural water operations for structure fires.  The mutual aid training was well attended and it provided the opportunity for firefighters to work together discussing numerous tactics.

Union Proposition Fire

Float Trip Press Release

The Union Fire Protection District would like to remind all about river float trip safety. In past years during the summer months the Fire District has been dispatched to many requests to locate lost persons on the local Bourbeuse River. When lost persons have been located their responses are the same. They had no idea the float would take so long, and they did not realize the river was so low. They had to carry their raft or canoe many times. “Exhaustion is common to all floaters we have to assist off the river” says Fire Chief Russell Hamilton. “Given the river’s constant changing conditions It is easy to exceed one’s physical limitations and experience.” The Bourbeuse river naturally can create cell phone or communication challenges due to its low elevation and surrounding environment. Their use can be very limited. It is important to let others know of your float trip plans to include but not limited to the departure time, location, river route, take out point and estimated time of arrival to the takeout point. With local river conditions constantly changing, it is often difficult to meet estimated arrival times. The key to any river float trip is being prepared and having a current knowledge of the river and its challenges. The Union Fire Protection District wants to remind everyone to be sure personal flotation devices are used and never swim or boat alone. Have a safe, fun summer and enjoy your river experiences.

Thank You

Russell Hamilton

Fire Chief, Union Fire District

Union, Missouri 63084