With the Fourth of July approaching the Union Fire Protection District is asking residents to use caution and observe precautions if they choose to purchase and or set off fireworks.  Fireworks seem to be a traditional way to celebrate our nation’s birthday.  Such celebrations can turn unpleasant when children or adults become injured while using fireworks. 

Every year people nation wide are treated in emergency rooms for firework associated injuries.  The majority of injuries are burns involving the hands, eyes, and head.  Injuries can easily occur if the user fails to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions.  Before using fireworks be sure to:

UFPD Find out if they are allowed in your area.
UFPD Read and follow the directions and warning labels.
UFPD Never stand over a firework devise.
UFPD Never light a firework inside a building, near flammable materials, or near dry grass.
UFPD Never experiment with homemade fireworks.
UFPD Have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby.
UFPD Supervise children at all times.

The Union Fire Protection District would like for everyone to have a safe summer and July 4th. Celebration and to take note of the best way to enjoy fireworks is to visit a public display put on by professionals who know how to handle them safely.     

            Yours in Fire Safety


Russell Hamilton
Fire Chief, Union Fire Protection District