The Union Fire Protection District is asking residents to use caution when open burning on their property.   Open burning of tree limbs and residential brush is allowed only outside the Union City limits.  The open burning period is limited to the period beginning September 16th and ending April 14th.  Brush piles are limited to 16 square feet and the burning may occur between the hours of 10:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m.

The Franklin County area has received favorable precipitation over the past week yet conditions can become unfavorably dry in a matter of days.  A resident who is burning on their property can quickly create an escalating out of control natural cover fire resulting in damage to many owners’ property.  Such fires have been known to spread to homes and other structures destroying them. 

Prior to open burning one should contact the Franklin County Communication Center at 636-583-2567 to confirm open burning will be allowed given the current or forecasted weather conditions.  Some guidelines to follow are: 

UFPD Burn piles should be limited to 16 sq. ft.
UFPD Do not burn within 50’ of a structure
UFPD Winds speed must be less than 10 miles an hour
UFPD Humidity should be greater than 50%
UFPD Keep a fire extinguisher, garden hose, dirt or sand on hand as an extinguishing agent

All open burning should be constantly attended and residents need to have the availability to call 911 if their open burning should get out of control.  Household trash, tires, shingles, siding, and treated lumber should not be burned.

Yours in Fire Safety

Russell Hamilton
Fire Chief, Union Fire Protection District