November 26, 2009

As Thanksgiving approaches and we make preparations for the day the Union Fire District urges residents to use extra caution and keep safety in mind when frying turkeys due to the fire and burn potential. 

Although frying substantially cuts down on cooking time and some believe fried turkey taste better, the National Fire Protection Association and the American Burns Association discourage using turkeys fryers citing the fires and injuries associated with turkey frying devices. Turkey frying devices have a risk of tipping over, overheating, or spilling hot oil which may lead to fires and burns. 

Following the manufacturers use and safety guidelines can make the frying experience a safer one.  Some guidelines to follow are:

UFPD Never use in, on or under garage, breezeway, carport, or porch
UFPD Place fryer in full view on a flat surface in an open area away from structures
UFPD Never leave fryer unattended, keep children and pets away
UFPD Make sure poultry is completely thawed and dry
UFPD Slowly lower poultry into hot oil
UFPD If cooking oil begins to smoke immediately turn off gas supply off to allow oil to cool
UFPD If a fire occurs immediately call 911, Do no extinguish fire with water

Failing to properly measure the required oil often causes spill over resulting in fires or burns.  Do a trial run to determine how much oil one’s turkey will need.

UFPD Place the thawed turkey on the poultry rack and place in the empty cold frying pot 
UFPD Fill pot with water until turkey is covered
UFPD Remove turkey and mark water level
UFPD Empty out frying pot and dry.
UFPD The level mark will be the amount of oil needed for frying

The practice of deep frying turkeys for the holidays has become quite popular and has changed the traditional meal preparation into a social gathering.  The Union Fire District hopes your Thanksgiving holiday is a safe and enjoyable one.